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"My tan is blotchy and didnt turn out the way I hoped"

Well my friend, its because your skin is telling you it needs more love. Skin is our biggest organ and yet a lot of us pay it the least attention. Imagine putting our other organs through the stuff we put our skin through and expecting to be healthy. (Shuddup Liver)

Spray tan prep is the care you should be giving your skin daily / weekly, even if you were not going to get a spray.

  • Hydrating from the inside. DRINK YOUR WATER!! If you are still dehydrated, eat more oil rich foods like nuts or flax seed is excellent.

  • Exfoliate your skin in the shower at least once a week. If you get blemishes on your décolletage, then use a mild abrasion product. (this area deserves your daily attention)

  • Moisturize and Moisturize again. If you breakout from moisturizers because they are too heavy, contact me and I will help you find a light product.

  • Sunscreen is your friend. Wear it even in the winter. Wear it daily.

And honestly, this is an easy list to accomplish. You should be making it part of your daily routine. Spending time on your skin will help slow the aging process. As women, our decolletage is the first place we show our age. Daily cleaning and moisturizing is crucial for the area.

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