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For the life of your tan...

NO CRYING!!! This shouldn't be #1 but dang this needs to be said. If you cry and let the tears roll down your cheeks, neither of us can fix this. You will have to scrub your tan off, which will create either rashes or pimples. No Crying!

Your first shower is rinse only in cool water. Use your hands and gently rub the toner off. Do not use soap, and do not shave or shampoo your hair. Get all the toner off and then PAT DRY and use a light moisturizer. (See do's and don'ts below)

Moisturize as if your life depends on it. (Hint: The life of your tan depends on it!) Use a spray tan approved moisturizer or ask me about DHA moisturizer that will continue to keep your tan looking fresh.

Wear clothing that will not scrape your skin. It will wear off in those areas creating an uneven tan. This is important all the way through, but especially until your second rinse.

Tanned Model

This is Serious

If you have had a sunburn within the last 6 weeks, the DHA will make your skin peel and you will look

hideous. This is no joke. Don't waste your money getting a spray tan if you had a serious enough burn to peel. I will not refund a spraytan if you have been burnt and not told me.

Ingredients to use and avoid


Mineral Oils


Essential Oils

Anti-Aging Products


Hair Removal Creams


Make-Up Remover


Shea Butter

Fragrance Free

Oil Free


Coconut Oils


This shower is also a rinse-only, cool water shower. Do not wash or condition your hair or shave your legs. I use body wash on my private bits though. If I need to wash my hair, I do it in the Kitchen sink.

Sand = Sand Paper. Just be careful to not scrape your skin. You still have to enjoy life though, so have your favorite self tanner in your kit to keep your tan looking fresh. If you love your tan, I can order your the corresponding foam.

Hot Tubs will take your tan off. Not right away, but they are not your tans friend. Pools are better as they are not as hot but they will still get rid of your tan faster.

You will know when its time to take that old tan off and start again. NOW you can use the hot-tub or hot shower! lol. Exfoliate, get that tan off and call to set your next appointment!

Tan Lines Optional...

This is a judgement free zone, because tanning is for every BODY.

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