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The better the prep, the better the results

Ingredients to use and avoid


Mineral Oils


Essential Oils

Anti-Aging Products


Hair Removal Creams


Make-Up Remover


Shea Butter

Fragrance Free

Oil Free


Coconut Oils

This is Serious

If you have had a sunburn within the last 6 weeks, the DHA will make your skin peel and your skin will look hideous. This is no joke. Don't waste your money getting a spray tan if you had a serious enough burn to peel. I will not refund a spray tan if you have been burnt and not told me.


The minerals and metals in deodorants react with the DHA and will turn green. This is not a once in awhile thing. You will get green pits. Also, Do NOT wear makeup!

Bring super baggy clothes to wear home. Rubbing your new tan on your car seats etc can potentially rub your tan off. The same goes for bra straps and purse straps. Do NOT wear a bra right after, your girls will not tan properly.

Bring Flip-Flops or slides to put on. If you wear socks and runners home, your will rub your new tan right off, before the DHA has time to work its magic.

If it is raining, bring an umbrella. YOU CANNOT GET WET UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST RINSE. You cannot play in the sand, you cannot sweat etc etc. This is your ticket to go sit and relax. The kids can do the dishes etc.

1 to 2 days before your spray, exfoliate your skin really well. Pay particular attention to your shins, knees, and elbows. Use warm to hot water to really lift that dead skin or old spray tan off.

Shave the DAY BEFORE!! Use a new razor head. If you have to shave the day of your spray, do not use shave cream. Use a shave gel or soap. Shave in the same direction as the hair growth to minimize skin irritation.

If you have to shower the day of your spray, shower in cold water. You really want to keep your pores closed. Spray tans can greatly exaggerate or even create "Strawberry Skin" (see link)

Moisure your skin really well leading up to your appointment. DO NOT use moisturizer on the day of your appointment though. Show up with clean skin, void of all products

Tan Lines Optional...

This is a judgement free zone, because tanning is for every BODY.

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