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They should have put me in Spray Paint Junkie Anomonous. Instead I bought a Spray Tan company.

This is a true story. I grew up helping my dad fix things. I grew up holding the flashlight. If you know, you know. My father was the first journeyman furniture refinisher in British Columbia and he passed the love of remaking the old into the new, onto me. When I moved out on my own, it became pretty clear early on that I would rather revamp an old piece of furniture then buy something new.  My friends would joke that if something sat for too long, I would haul it into the backyard and spray paint it. Spraying might be in my blood! When I told my buddy Jenn that I was buying this business, her first words were "Well, you finally found a way to spray paint people". I guess I need to get myself into a program? 


A few things about me. I love cameras, especially old film cameras. I love animals, vintage stores, hiking in the misty woods, sundresses, flip flops, my paddleboard, tacos, spiced rum, tumbleweeds, riding with my guy on his motorbike, meeting new people, kilts, floppy hats, singing karaoke badly, dancing like my name is Elaine Benes, awing my friends with my amazing accents, and being the co-pilot on road trips. I am really good at the navigation system. So much so, that hardly anyone has gotten mad at me for my mad skills. Hahaha! I love live music, hot summer nights, laying under the stars and just talking about strange things. I like people that can muse about life and I love yoga. My love language is service so this business is absolutely the best thing I could do. When you leave with a beautiful tan, you feel instantly better. I enjoy that whole process from start to finish. I have sat behind a desk for 25 years so talking to people and making them feel good about themselves really hits me in the feels. PLUS!! I love to spray paint people apparently!! This sounds small but doing something you love regardless of what it is, is a big deal. 


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